Our School

Bayside Tri-Campus

Diamond Springs Elementary | Newtown Elementary | Bettie F. Williams Elementary

The Power of Three, the theme we are using at the Tri-Campus, is testimony to the partnership of the three schools. Together, with your support, throughout the year, our teachers and staff will strive to encourage, engage, and empower every student in grades K-5. Our goal is for every child to achieve academic success.

Mission Statement:

Our mission, in partnership with our parents and entire community, is to empower each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the academic and rigorous challenges of the future as respectful, resourceful, and responsible citizens of the world.

Newtown Elementary Vision Statements

  • “Our students will be challenged through hands-on, differentiated activities while building skills in effective communication through peer–to-peer partnerships and collaboration.”
  • “Our students will be resourceful citizens who apply critical thinking and use higher level thinking skills to enrich their education.”
  • “Our students will benefit from strong relationships with teachers, staff, parents, and the community all of whom will have a vested interest in student goals and achievement.”
  • “Our students will be responsible and respectful citizens who understand that they need to take pride in their education and behavior.”

Newtown Elementary Goals

  • Enhance Reading and Writing Skills
  • Develop Intrinsic Motivation in Students and
  • Create an environment to develop goal setting skills

Parental Involvement

Diamond Springs, Newtown and Bettie F. Williams Elementary schools are Title I schools. We seek ways to improve the achievement of our at-risk population of students. The Bayside Tri-Campus Schools’ Title I Parental Involvement Policy promotes partnerships between parents and teachers to support communications and participation with the schools and the community. We will build parental involvement through a variety of designed to enhance each student’s academic success and social development. The activities will be coordinated with various organizations which may include the PTA, Partners in Education, the Title I departments, and schools’ action teams, among others